• Man from the future (electric boogie)

Have you ever wonder how the man will look like in 2050? You have the chance to have a ride in our time machine right now. Is he a man or a robot? Extraordinary illusions, hydraulic movements with the sparkle of the Electric Boogaloo in the tunes of thrilling electronic music! Do you want to see how He will handle ordinary tasks in a spectacular way? So come to know the man from the future and became a part of His outstanding story. Get off the seat and become a star on the dance floor with Him. Experience excitement and fun beneath the spotlight! Exhibitions can be customized to suit customer’s needs. We can change the music, choreography or costume if requested. This dance show can be performed also at the small dance floors with limited space. I can make extraordinary dance Exhibition for your event, in the style of Electric boogaloo. Dance exhibitions could be also custom suited to your needs.

  • Locking & Funky


    • Michael Jackson impersonation

Short dance performances according Beat it, Billie Jean ….

  • Street dance mix

Mix of the all street-dance styles performed with 3 or 5 dancers!

  • Milujem tancovanie na ulici, je to voľný štýl- improvizácia, ktorá mi pomáha napojiť sa na prítomnosť. Majo Floorripper