About me

I have been dancing for 10 years. My first steps on sparkling parquets were moved by tunes of Viennese Waltz and latin songs. It did not satisfied me completely. I did not want to float only I wanted to fly so I started breaking. My biggest passion was and has always been the electric boogaloo. It is challenging. It’s not about a dance routine, it’s about developing your own style. I found inspiration in old school and I am very impressed by such dancers as : Michael Jackson, John Travolta, Michael Flatley or Shabadoo…  


Dance education and training

2001 – 2002: Ballroom dances – basic course

www.tkkois.skbasic ballroom dancing moves

2001 – 2002 Break-dance – classes

Dance group (Second style) leading break dance classes in suburb of Bratislava Basic break-dance moves, freeze, footwork, up-rock, top-rock, backspin… 2002 – 2008 Ballroom dances – sport club – Interklub Madit Bratislava www.interklub.sk Sport/competition ballroom dancing, 10 dances – STT + LAT Class D

2008 Salsa – courses

www.norika.skSalsa basics/advanced

2009 – 2010 Electric boogaloo, Popping, Locking & Funky

Dance trainer and instructor (Ireland, Dublin) – www.itwstudios.ie – www.dancetheatreireland.com

2010 – Present Ballroom dances – sport club – Interklub Madit Bratislava

www.interklub.skSport/competition ballroom dancing- STT Class C

2001 – Present :Electric boogaloo, Popping, Locking & Funky – individual private classes

Trainings were provided by various lectors: – founders of the street-dancing in Slovakia – independent dancers, workshops – Street dance Academy (SDA) – movies/clips/self improvement   Old school electric boogaloo, robot, moonwalk, Michael Jackson, illusions, street dance…

  • Všetko, čo potrebujem, prichádza do môjho života v pravú chvíľu a na pravom mieste. Valerij Sinelnikov