Creating dance show and animation with guests to the new album of Revolta.
Dancing in the rap and hip-hop videoclip for crew L.U.Z.A
Motivation speech and dance show. Short history of hip-hop, rap and interconnection to dance.
I  did two dance shows during the venue, Popping and Elektro Boogie.  Also we did  Go-Go dancing during the night at the disco in Refinery gallery. We met funky music group Homosapiens and acrobatic group Argolla.  Guests enjoyed our dancing  and we made party until 3:00 AM!lyreco neon party 2015 bratislava
Robotic performance during the year 2014, overview, Dunajská streda, Čunovo, Bratislava.
To honour Suvereno and his work I performed Electric Boogaloo on the music of Michael Jackson. There were also Dominika Mirgová, Plexo, Layla &Šipo singing toheter with Suve. Suve is one of the best conscious rappers in Slovakia.
I am the new mascot of the company Swan. I did the robot promotion for the well known telecommunication comapny. Robotic advertisement on the open air festivals and sport summer games. International day of the dance 2014 – Eurovea, Cunovo wild water. “”
We have participated on the 150th birthday party of the company SwissRe. We have performed special mix of the street dance styles over the last 20 years. Including Electric boogaloo, break dance and popping. I was dancing locking und popping, Karol did electric boogaloo und Mulder was the breaker. The area “Refinery gallery” next to Slovnaft was extraordinary. Music played is “ollie and jerry there’s no stopping us”
Grand opening night of the STRET club in Bratislava on the 31.11.2013. This was Halloween Roller disco. Performing mini show of the Electric boogaloo. Cooperation with the I-riders and Morneo3.
Dancing street-dance and “robot” in the music video clip. We had  explored the qualities of  dance and movement within open and confined space.  Its primary focus is a series  of short ‘perfomances’ within an elevator, captured when the doors open to a waiting camera. Each dance piece had two consistent elements, a set rhythmic musical score and the  performance time determined of the opening and closing of the elevator doors.
Like dance instructor I was working for two major dance/art groups in Dublin, ITW and for Dance Theatre of Ireland.
The biggest MJ tribute including lot of songs, two solo performances of Electric Boogaloo to Michael Jackson songs “Stranger in Moscow” and “This is it”.
Judge for the old school and street-dance moves, scoring choreography, originality & musicality.
Teaching kids (aged 13-18) how to dance, el.boogie & locking & funky.
Acting “Michael” to the song “Beat it” to help spread MJ legacy – peace and love.  
Creating special themed event “electro boogie night”, I did 5 performances to songs: “Harold Faltermeyer – Axel F”, “Kraftwerk – Tour the France”, “Extatic – Electric Environment”,  “Isaac Hayes- Disco Connection”, “Michael Jackson – Bilie Jean”  
El.boogie exhibition during  the charity event.
Electric boogie competition, 4th. Place, IDO,  I was nominated for World  Electric Boogie Championship to represent Czech Republic. Song played is “Shannon – Let The Music Play”.
I joined well known roller-skating group I-Riders and performed several times el.boogie dance on the roller-skates in the city centre. Song is “Extatic – Electric Environment”.  
Special dance workshop at children birthday’s party.

  hotel Magnolia **** “One man electric boogie show”  at the Banquet of European Congress with more than 200 people. Songs are  “Paul Hardcastle – Rain Forest (sax remix)” and “Duffy – Mercy”.
“go go” dancer, entertaining people in the bar (at dvd)
Dance exhibitions, el.boogie, disco.
Dance exhibitions, el. bogie, disco
Performing Electric boogaloo during corporate event for more than 500 employees of At&t.
Ballroom dance exhibitions at evening and  social venues (at dvd) samba, rumba, cha-cha, jive, waltz, wienesse waltz, Michael Jackson.

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