Lock it, shake it!

Shabba-doo supervises the Locking learning processThe first weeks of the start-up training are done. My muscles are getting slowly into the shape. I better feel my body, my core, abdominal and back . If I continue in this manner, may be I will get a six pack! Question is, Am I getting back with my square abdominal muscles or cut into the squares? I wake up, I make my porridge with fruits and Chia seeds. Added to increase level of the protein. Next there come 4 hours dance training,where we start with body strengthening exercises. After first 20 minutes I am already done and I am changing my sweaty vest to clean T-shirt. In the upcoming 2 hours we are learning precise Locking steps where I am no allowed to learn any misleading moves. Shabba-doo corrects me fast until he is at most satisfied with my move. Or I repeat the move until I faint? If I am doing good the small break is coming. I take out from my backpack small pack with Goji berries and Cocoa beans, which gives me a boost of energy an vitamines. Cocoa also increases my mind strength and focus. .vital vibe desiata goji kakaoSo this is my snack in morning block. Bannana and apple are luxury. I eat 5-6 table spoons and there we go again to the training. Thanks to food company VitalVibe.eu  for those supplements they gave me to support my trip into the USA. Sometimes I had no another resources and this food was my “rescue pack”.
vitalvibe goji cocoa beans

On the rented bike I am slowly driving from the Performing Art Centre to the house. I am moving really slow, because I have no energy left to fool around. It’s 3-4:30 PM it deepens on how long I was doing the stretching. My first meal – lunch. Of course it’s home made in Slovak style. Made from the beans, lentils or beef flash. Man should be very careful about what he eats, especially in the United States because, food is here really crap and expensive. It’s full of artificial additives, sugars, fats. Mono-sodium glutamate, salts and so one. Just the right mixture to keep population fat, sick and addicted to the junk food. On my journey I have figured out how important is to get enough proteins in my nutrition. If need to preserve or builds some muscle mass. Thanks to my host Julianne!
Tuna and Salmon are great resource of Protein. If there was a day without individual training with Shabba-doo, I went in the morning to the park to perform my mandatory training. I did the calisthenics workout in the style of Seberevolta. The weather was great when there was no wind I was able to exercise almost topless. It’s amazing to get nice sun tan trough my skin and some vitamin D. It’s against the depression.  That was always positive experience.

After the lunch I fell down on the sofa, sleepy and uncoordinated. Just like I was. I am trying gloomily  to get rid of the dog, which looks exactly  like from the movie “Men in black“.  She is trying to jump on my lap and sleep. I say, “sorry sister, but I am alergic to the dogs”, she then tumbles to my slippers. I keep  drooling to the pillow, suddenly I am awake, one hour is gone. I wear fresh clothes and I am heading to the biggest fintess centre in LA, which is only 15 minutes by bike from my house. los angeles fitness studio I am walking to the main door with extravagant image, wrist bands, head bandana and fingerloss gloves. After the short Shabba-doo style warm up I shove into the mirror room. No one pays attention to me, good. Everyone hat his own business. One make boxing, another does stretching and fat black girls are laying on floor with smarphones stickt on the ears. Everyone does according to his conscience and consciousness. But I am not a mediocrate. No. I am exceptional. Therfore I am turn  on the good James Brown, and I start to repeat the moves from today and yesterday. My muscles ache, my joints hurts, but it’s nothing I can easilly overcome with my mind. I don’t stop. I don’t know how, but another hour is gone. From the speakers the sound of Michael Jackson is spreading trough the room. The energy is flowing. People in the room re comming and going, but I am still there. I end my dance workut with couple Popping and Boogalooo routines.

Oh, it’s 7:30PM already? I do stretching and shove into the cloakroom. I exchange clothes to swimming trunks. I swim another 20 minutes to relax my muscles and then I crawl to the whirlpool bubble bath. There is one young head among the godfathers who came here to relax. After that I bike home next to the old railway tray with no lights. Just like right hiker I turn on my headlamp to make a light. I am passing homeless men heating their hands of  the barrels. I hope they don’t see me and I don’t want to interfere their ritual. Once I am home I eat a yoghurt with some fruits or just salad with Chia seeds. After nine or ten I am able to make it to my room. Finally! I rub my body and feet with the oils to amplify my spiritual abilities and to relax. I write the last of the dance notes. From time to time I was not able to sleep due to the muscle pain I had.sunset in los angeles on my way home from the trainingBut I will sleep tonight…

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